BT Release MK4 Prefiltered Master Socket

Unlike the previous Mk3 VDSL faceplate this design reverts back to the previous style of replacing the lower front half of the master socket (in this case the NEW NTE5C - also available separately). The faceplate clips to the master socket & all wiring connections are via cam lock connectors so no IDC tool is required (tool-less IDC connectors). Centralised VDSL & ADSL filtering is then provided negating the need for plug in microfilters with an RJ45/RJ11 socket providing the connection for a modem/router & a filtered telephone socket for telephones etc. 

Can I move my own master socket?

As a telephone engineer, I’m asked regularly “can I move my BT master socket?”. The official, short, simple answer if you ask the main service provider would be 'no', but at Northwest Comms we can provide this service for a fraction of the cost that the main service provider would charge.

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Is your broadband connection causing you a headache?

Identifying and fixing a broadband fault at home can be a painful process and often big telecom companies will charge you an arm and a leg to send a broadband engineer to identify and fix the problem. Northwest Comms understand your frustration!  Read more for our helpful tips!

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All about BT

“One customer being out of service for too long is one too many,” said Joe Garner, chief executive of Openreach, which builds and maintains BT’s network. “Millions of customers depend on broadband and they rely on us to keep them connected, whatever the weather.” Garner said the new recruits would be a “welcome boost” to an engineering workforce that completes hundreds of thousands of jobs – such as installing fibre optic lines – each week.

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