Installation Services

Installation Services

Northwest Comms have worked in all manners of residential and commercial buildings to provide a quality service to our customers across Liverpool, Cheshire and Manchester.

We are residential telephone engineers, happy to run multiple extensions, or a single extension so that you can have your Sky+ working in another room.

We can relocate sockets, replace sockets or add new sockets quickly and easily using all the same genuine parts that any BT or Virgin engineer would use. The difference is that we only charge a fraction of what they charge. Northwest Comms engineers are all Ex-BT engineers and provide the level of quality that you would expect to receive from a main service provider, but in a shorter time and at a much lower cost, saving you 70% on BT prices!

If you have been having broadband speed or connection issues, this could be down to old, damaged or substandard cabling in your house. Northwest Comms will be able to advise you on the best options available to you in order to achieve faster connection speeds. We can run speed tests and health checks on your line to test your broadband connection.

Northwest Comms offer a 12 month guarantee on all work we carry out. We use the same genuine parts that BT Openreach would supply, but at a fraction of the cost that the main provider asks for.

Where possible we make sure that any cabling is hidden so that there are no unsightly wires on show. You can see from some of our testimonials that we provide quality solutions at a low cost.

So if you are looking for a telephone engineer in Liverpool, Manchester or Cheshire, why wait?
Get in touch with Northwest Comms on 07870 588001.

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